This is what people are saying about our vision for Cornerstone Free School :

I am not a Christian but I totally buy into this ethos as it gives my children the discipline they need to succeed and I’m really excited that there might be a way to get the love back into their learning. There is too much pressure at the moment and no space to grow as… Continue reading Local prospective parent

Local prospective parent

I am really excited about the prospect of the new Cornerstone Free School. I truly believe in, and am wholly committed to, The Fulham Boys School brand of education, and believe all pupils should have access to the highest standards of education, irrespective of their background. Our aim is for all our schools, including Cornerstone,… Continue reading Alun Ebenezer, Headteacher, Fulham Boys School

Alun Ebenezer, Headteacher, Fulham Boys School

This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Children need to be nurtured in every area of their development and this proposal offers exactly that. Combined with a Christian ethos that encourages selflessness, something completely missing in society today.

Prospective Parent

Cornerstone Free School promises to be as successful and forward thinking as the Fulham Boys School. Our brand of Education is different, relevant, exciting, and holds the key to a successful future for all children, no matter what their background. I completely believe in the local team’s ability and determination to open Cornerstone Free School,… Continue reading Alex Wade, Charles Spurgeon Trust

Alex Wade, Charles Spurgeon Trust

The values the school holds on each child being treated as an individual for me is very important. I have four children that all could not be more different from one another. Being able to find a secondary school that can cater to them each individually attracts me.

Prospective Parent

It is imperative to prepare students for life beyond education. Cornerstone Free School promises to do this.

Local parent