This is what people are saying about our vision for Cornerstone Free School :

This is a timely and excellent idea that has my full backing, something that would make a big impact on education in Cambridgeshire.

Ray Manning (South Cambs. District Councillor for 10 years)

I am not a Christian but I totally buy into this ethos as it gives my children the discipline they need to succeed and I’m really excited that there might be a way to get the love back into their learning. There is too much pressure at the moment and no space to grow as… Continue reading Local prospective parent

Local prospective parent

It’s great to see a secondary school hoping to be built and founded on Christian principles but open to everyone.

Interested parent

As a father to 3 boys I’m keen that they are able to freely express their faith without fear in an environment that encourages free speech & critical thinking. Cornerstone promises to deliver this on top of an excellent education. Who could ask for more?

Local parent