Supporter Email Template

The template below is intended as an example to help you in writing to your local representative to convince them of the local demand for the school.


I/We are writing to express our support for The Charles Spurgeon Trust and Fulham Boys’ School in establishing Cornerstone Free School for secondary age pupils in St Ives and the surrounding area. As a parent/parents, I/we want to have reasonable choice for our children’s secondary education and believe our children have the right to a high-]quality education without having to pay privately.

We have concerns about…

(Choose some or all)

i) the lack of designated faith options for secondary schools in our area.

ii) the distances students are being asked to travel to secondary school. 

iii) the lack of secondary school options in our local area

iv) another reason 

[Then give more personal detail about your children and how you believe Cornerstone Free School would benefit them e.g. Enterprise / Faith element]

We are convinced that the trust will provide outstanding provision and raise standards in the area. With their political backing, appearance in the Parliamentary Review and being designated a High Performing School by the New Schools Network, we are confident that a new school, run by the Trust will be successful and raise the attainment and aspirations of young people in St Ives and the surrounding villages. As many student are being sent to schools some distance away and St Ivo is oversubscribed, it is clear that there is a need. We hope that you will also see the demand through this correspondence.

The Conservative policy of providing parental choice through the Free School movement is one that we fully support, and we ask for your help in ensuring it becomes a reality for the sake of our children. 

Yours sincerely,