Register Interest

Cornerstone Free School needs your input, and would like to know what is important to you and your children. 

We’ve submitted our application and now we need to hear your views and gauge the public support for our proposal. We want to consult with:

  • Schools
  • Primary school parents
  • Churches
  • The local community

We need to generate as much support for our proposal as possible, to give the DfE an idea of the demand from parents for this choice. The best way to indicate the demand, is to get signatures on our online petition. We do urge you to sign this by clicking here.

By doing so you are not making any commitments, other than to say you agree with choice and you think this proposal is a good choice!

You are also welcome to get in touch with us by sending an email to

We can then ensure our proposal best meets the needs of the local community, and we can keep you up to date with developments.

Your contact details will only be used for purposes as outlined in our privacy notice and not sold or shared with third parties for marketing purposes.