CFS Supporters

Prospective parents: Nearly 600 people have said they want our school to open so far. This is without having a coherent campaign, targeting all primary schools! These have come through social media, leaflet drops and Alun’s (Head master of FBS who would lead our school if it opens) talk, which can be viewed here. One parent commented: “I’d have enrolled my son on the spot if I could”!

What attracted current subscribers to the school

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Heat Map of postcodes who support our school:

  • Strong evidence that support is focused around St Ives, but spread down the Guided Busway which allows for use of public transport – St Ives is good to access for many people.
  • Widespread support for this proposal – some in local government, those in charge of initial teacher training at Cambridge University, some primary school heads who want to see their families have a choice of schools, prospective parents, local church leaders (of a range of different faiths and denominations), local MPs, local Land owners willing to propose a school site, business owners who want to have a curriculum input, local corporate companies willing to offer sponsorship, local sports clubs happy to partner with an outstanding school dedicated to excelling on the sports pitch.