The Site

Finding a potential home for Cornerstone Free School is a challenge – a school needs a lot of space!

Using Department for Education guidance we have calculated that in order to offer the best opportunities to our students we need 13+ acres and potential to build 6,600m2 of school buildings (even better if some buildings are already in place).

When considering the site we need to ensure that it will be accessible to the children of St Ives, Huntingdon, Somersham, and the surrounding villages as this is the area that has been identified as having the greatest need.

As part of this we are meeting with local transport providers to ensure the location is accessible to as many local students as possible, including from outside areas.

Combining the requirements for space and location we have found three possible sites, near the town of St Ives, which we are currently investigating further.

Any suggestions from our supporters for potential sites would be very welcome. Please contact us by emailing