Newsbite #7: Wanted – Cornerstone Ambassadors

11 January 2019

Just before Christmas, we received a letter from the DfE asking for clarification on some of our curriculum proposals. We see this as a positive that they want to know more about our application and Fulham Boys School, the trust providers. We await an invitation from the government for interview with bated breath!

In the mean time we are preparing as thoroughly as possible. This includes working with local businesses to strengthen our curriculum offer, liaising with Cambridge University and particularly those involved in rolling out a programme of study that focuses on raising attainment for disadvantaged pupils; site meeting; looking at school building plans; doing practice interviews; continuing to try and increase local support.

Wanted: People who could be parent ambassadors in primary schools. Do you have a child in a local primary school in Year 5 or Year 4? Would you be happy to talk to friends and other parents in the school, share our flyers and explain to others why you signed up to hear our updates?

Also, anyone who works in any of the local secondary schools – we want to form positive links where we will collaborate with other local providers to improve the educational offer in the whole area, not just in our school. We see this as a community networking venture and our proposal would see us linking teachers, governors, parents and pupils together.

If you can help, please contact us at