Newsbite #4: Application Submitted!

9 November 2018

Our application is now complete and the Department for Education (DfE) have confirmed that they have received it from the leadership team at our partner school, Fulham Boys School.

It has taken many months of work and has benefited from the input and feedback of so many different people from across the community. This has been essential for the production of a school model, which we hope will serve the local community and be a beacon of excellence.

We hope DfE are as excited by our proposal as we are! If so we will be invited to an interview in January, with a final decision being known by Spring 2019.

We need your continued help

You can continue to help us persuade the DfE to approve our plans. The more support we have for the school, the more likely Cornerstone is to get approval.

One way to show the DfE the level of support for the school is from website signups, and Twitter and Facebook followers. Please make sure you are following us, and share our proposal with anyone else you think may be interested.

We now have the enormous task of ensuring our flyers are delivered to all households in the area that may have primary school aged children whose parents haven’t heard of our proposal and would like to register their interest.

View the flyer here.

Please get in touch with us if you are willing to spare a little time to help with this!