Newsbite #3: Ofsted / SIAMS reports for FBS

26 October 2018

This week we have had further meetings to finalise our Application, which will be submitted to the DfE next week. We believe we have made a strong case for the need for a new Secondary School in Huntingdonshire, with a Christian ethos.

So what can you expect from Cornerstone Free School if our application is successful?

In the process of writing our application, we have had the privilege of gaining an insight into running a successful, oversubscribed Christian Secondary school, through working closely with the Headteacher and Chair of governors at Fulham Boys School in London.

We have visited the school and been shown round by pupils, who were polite, courteous and extremely proud of their school. All who visited were extremely impressed with the academic excellence, the obviously engaging, innovative teaching and the care the school shows for every single individual pupil. One of those who went to Fulham Boys School commented:

“Never mind sending my children there, I’d send me there!”

It is safe to say that the children at Fulham Boys School are safe, happy, engaged, achieving and exposed to excellent curriculum teaching coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. What more could you want from a Secondary school?

We have also had to break down the most recent Fulham Boys School Ofsted and SIAMS (church) Inspection reports as part of our application. The findings of these reports inspire us to want to provide a similar, exceptional education experience for teenagers in Huntingdonshire:

  • Pupils are aspirational for their future.
  • They are encouraged to be enterprising and independent through a range of activities both in school and in the wider community.
  • The Core Curriculum is academically strong.
  • Staff are very proud to work at the school and are fully committed to the aspirational ethos.
  • The headteacher has created a school which aims to achieve academic and personal excellence for all.
  • Boys live and breathe good manners and courtesy.

As one parent stated in response to the Ofsted survey:

‘In Fulham Boys School, my son has not only excelled academically, but he is growing into a well-rounded young man.’

View the full inspection reports here:

Ofsted Report

SIAMS Report

Having been to Fulham and experienced their school first-hand, this is just what we want Cornerstone to offer in the Huntingdonshire area.

Our partnership with Fulham Boys School gives us confidence that we can provide the same outstanding level of education.