Newsbite #1: Open Consultation Meetings

11 October 2018

On Monday 8th we held our first open consultation meetings. It was very good to see the range of community representation and potential stakeholders in our school in attendance, including headteachers, LEA representatives and local district Councillors.

It was a real pleasure to welcome prospective students, and their parents. We particularly want to engage with those whose educational opportunities we are investing in and so it was good to be able to do this. One parent commented:

“We would have signed up for the school on the spot, if we could!”

As we have come to expect, Alun Ebenezer (headmaster of our partner school) delivered an inspiring presentation – exactly what moved us to this project in the first place!

Do you wonder what inspired the quote above? Watch the video of the presentation to find out exactly why you would want your child to benefit from the ethos and curriculum aims of Cornerstone Free School.

Questions were raised afterwards about the potential site. At present we are working with the LEA and local stakeholders to establish the optimum location for the school to benefit as many students as possible.

We also take into account where the greatest interest for our school comes from, and so we continue to encourage anyone interested to register on our website. By registering your interest, you are not making a firm commitment to enroll in our school – neither does it guarantee you a place, if our proposal is approved.

We will hope to provide further clarity on the site as soon as possible – look out for further newsbites!