An EXCEPTIONAL Education tailored to Individuals

Cornerstone Free School will provide an outstanding education for each student.  We recognise that everyone learns differently so teaching will be tailored to the needs of the individual.

For us an outstanding education doesn’t mean a narrow education focussed on training for exams, but produces outstanding individuals by nurturing their individual strengths and talents.

Our teachers will have a passion for inspiring learners of all abilities and characters. We are particularly motivated to support SEN students to fulfil their potential.

We also believe that boys and girls have different learning styles, so we want to tailor this outstanding education in a sensitive way to reflect that individual students as well as groups of students have different learning needs.

Students will be encouraged to pursue those pathways which most inspire them, whether their interest be vocational or academic. A wide range of co-curricular activities in dedicated non-academic time will introduce them to many options and experiences.

High expectations of behaviour, dress and commitment will be maintained.

ENTERPRISE at the heart of the curriculum

‘Enterprise’ is one of our core pillars. Encouraging enterprise in your children will help them in all aspects of life and learning. We share our vision for Enterprise with our partners at Fulham Boys School who have made this a fundamental part of their success.

Dedicated non-academic time will be set aside for Cornerstone Free School students to pursue co-curricular activities focused on developing enterprise. Teachers will also plan lessons to emphasise enterprise.

Personal Enterprise

Our students will approach problem-solving confidently and will learn to gain valuable experience from all outcomes. By practising self-examination, they will learn to develop their characters positively.

Social Enterprise

Cornerstone Free School will inspire students to be community-minded and to have an active environmental and social interest.

Business Enterprise

We will form focused partnerships with local businesses to prepare your child for life after education.

A caring community with a CHRISTIAN Ethos

Everything at Cornerstone Free School will be based on shared Christian values. We are not affiliated to any particular Church, or Christian denomination.

How does this work in practice?

  • All students will learn about the claims of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the gospel message, simply and clearly. These claims form the Christian values that are core to the school ethos.
  • Each pupil will be encouraged to think about and ask questions on all aspects of these values.
  • This ethos will have an impact on every area of school life: on learning, behaviour, pastoral care and pupil and staff welfare

Students will be welcomed irrespective of their background

Cornerstone Free School will be a school with a Christian ethos, but equally accessible to students of all faiths and none. It is not a “School for Christians”.

  • Conversations about the School’s values will be a dialogue, not a lecture.
  • We believe there is no place for indoctrination or brainwashing.
  • Students will be encouraged to look at every position, ask questions, weigh up the options, and evaluate them with an open mind.
  • Students will be encouraged to have their own viewpoints and feel safe in expressing and debating these, within the parameters of staying reflective and sensitive to others’ opinions and beliefs.