Christian Ethos

Everything at Cornerstone Free School will be based on shared Christian values. We are not affiliated to any particular Church, or Christian denomination.

How does this work in practice?

  • All students will learn about the claims of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the gospel message, simply and clearly. These claims form the Christian values that are core to the school ethos.
  • Each pupil will be encouraged to think about and ask questions on all aspects of these values.
  • This ethos will have an impact on every area of school life: on learning, behaviour, pastoral care and pupil and staff welfare


Students will be welcomed irrespective of their background

Cornerstone Free School will be a school with a Christian ethos, but equally accessible to students of all faiths and none. It is not a “School for Christians”.

  • Conversations about the School’s values will be a dialogue, not a lecture.
  • We believe there is no place for indoctrination or brainwashing.
  • Students will be encouraged to look at every position, ask¬†questions, weigh up the options, and evaluate them with an open mind.
  • Students will be encouraged to have their own viewpoints and feel safe in expressing and debating these, within the parameters of staying reflective and sensitive to others’ opinions and beliefs.