Cornerstone Free School

We are a team of parents and professionals from many different walks of life, pursuing an exciting opportunity to provide an outstanding SECONDARY and SIXTH FORM education facility, with a Christian ethos, for boys and girls in Cambridgeshire.

We believe in…

  • Inspirational education for individuals
  • Enterprise as the key to building experience and character
  • Christian values underpinning everything


Latest news / updates

Newsbite #6: Milestone Reached!

7 December 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have passed 400 registrations of interest. This stands us in good stead for our interviews with the DfE, demonstrating the level of local demand for this school.

In other news, the excellence of our partner school Fulham Boys School has been recognised by parliament

Finally, we have an interview from one of the founding members of the committee, explaining why we are inspired to bring an outstanding new local Secondary School option to St Ives.

Read more here

Newsbite #4: Application Submitted!

9 November 2018

We are delighted to announce that our application has been submitted to the Department for Education.

However the work goes on …

In this update we show you the flyers we are distributing to local households that may be interested.


Newsbite #3: Ofsted / SIAMS Reports for FBS

26 October 2018

In this update we discuss the Ofsted and SIAMS assessments of Fulham Boys School.

“In Fulham Boys School, my son has not only excelled academically, but he is growing into a well-rounded young man.”

See why we are confident that Cornerstone Free School can offer an outstanding education for Huntingdonshire students in partnership with FBS.

Newsbite #2: A-levels

18 October 2018

Should Cornerstone Free School offer A-levels?

The Department for Education don’t think so, but what do you think?

Newsbite #1: Open Consultation Meetings

11 October 2018


“We would have signed up for the school on the spot, if we could!” – Find out why

What is different about Cornerstone Free School?

Read about the principles underpinning Cornerstone Free School here

Where will the school be?

We are looking at sites in Mid and East Cambridgeshire, with a catchment covering parts of Huntingdonshire, Fenland and East Cambridgeshire. We currently have a few options under investigation and if our school proposal is accepted, the DfE will secure the most suitable school site. We aim to make good use of transport links to enable students to attend from further away, and this includes the guided bus way.

When will the school open?

The Free School application is due in November 2018. We plan to open the school in September 2020.

Who is the school for?

A co-educational school for students aged 11-18. For all abilities and all backgrounds.

I am really excited about the prospect of the new Cornerstone Free School. I truly believe in, and am wholly committed to, The Fulham Boys School brand of education, and believe all pupils should have access to the highest standards of education, irrespective of their background. Our aim is for all our schools, including Cornerstone, to be among the best schools in the country – state or private. Parents should have a real choice in the type of school they want for their children and I imagine, like The Fulham Boys School, Cornerstone Free School will prove very popular and heavily oversubscribed. We have been impressed by the local team’s rigour, broad range of abilities, and commitment to academic excellence. We look forward to working with them over the next few years in establishing a school that is built upon the Christian faith, nurtures enterprise and brings out the best in boys and girls, serving Huntingdonshire for many generations to come” – Alun Ebenezer, CEO Designate of the CSS MAT Trust.

Alun Ebenezer, Headteacher, Fulham Boys School

“Cornerstone Free School promises to be as successful and forward thinking as the Fulham Boys School. Our brand of Education is different, relevant, exciting, and holds the key to a successful future for all children, no matter what their background. I completely believe in the local team’s ability and determination to open Cornerstone Free School, and am committed to working with and supporting them in establishing an over-subscribed and thriving Secondary School in Huntingdonshire” – Alex Wade, Chairman Designate of the CSS MAT Trust

Alex Wade, Charles Spurgeon Trust