Cornerstone Free School

Charles Spurgeon Schools , from the founders of Fulham Boys School, is supporting us to bring our vision of an exceptional co-educational school to Huntingdonshire which, modelled on the independent sector and based on a Christian foundation, will offer a unique educational experience based on the following THREE CORE PILLARS that got Fulham Boys School their recognition as a beacon of educational excellence in this year’s Parliamentary Review:

An EXCEPTIONAL education…

We have a vision for a school where academic excellence is founded on inspirational teaching that expands children’s horizons. Our school will provide a unique curriculum, grounding pupils with a comprehensive knowledge base to enable them to maximise their academic potential.

A caring community with a CHRISTIAN ethos…

Through the application of our Christian values, our School will nurture the whole person, encouraging mutual respect and positive relationships among all members of the school community. Our school will provide dedicated, supportive pastoral care matched with high standards of discipline and behaviour, encouraging an environment where pupils of all backgrounds are able to flourish. Our school will do all this with a diverse and inclusive student body, ensuring that our unique education is accessible to all and leaves no child behind. 

‘ENTERPRISE’ at the heart of the curriculum…

Our vision is to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and character to flourish as socially responsible and principled adults. We will encourage pupils to debate openly, think critically and reason logically, building vital skills that will equip them to contribute to society for the rest of their lives. To facilitate this aim, enterprise will be a core element across all curriculum areas, preparing pupils for life in the real world with personal, business and social enterprise skills.

Crucially, in order to take this vision forward, we need to demonstrate a demand for a school like this, and particularly expressions of interest from parents whose children would potentially attend such a school. If you are interested, please register your interest by clicking on the link in the yellow box below.

“In Fulham Boys School, my son has not only excelled academically, but he is growing into a well rounded young man”.

“I’d have enrolled my son on the spot if I could”.

It is imperative to prepare students for life beyond education. Cornerstone Free School promises to do this.

Local parent

Cornerstone Free School promises to be as successful and forward thinking as the Fulham Boys School. Our brand of Education is different, relevant, exciting, and holds the key to a successful future for all children, no matter what their background.

I completely believe in the local team’s ability and determination to open Cornerstone Free School, and am committed to working with and supporting them in establishing an over-subscribed and thriving Secondary School in Huntingdonshire.

Alex Wade, Charles Spurgeon Trust